TCE Error Codes

TCE Error Code:

A - Packet received at our office

AE - Error administering TCE (improper monitoring and/or Instructor in the room)

CE - Instructor name correct, but course number or Course ID was manually altered on answer sheets

IE - Course info correct, but Instructor`s name was manually changed on answer sheets

LA - Late administration with prior approval

LEI - TCE administered after deadline

LES- TCE administered before deadline, but returned late by student monitor

MC - Materials from multiple TCE packets returned in same TCE packet (mixed call numbers)

ME - Monitor Error, failed to sign or complete monitor card

MM - TCE packet was provided to department but not received at TCE office

MU - Unused TCE packet returned to TCE office

OT - Other problem

PN - Release pending TBA (technical or data processing solution)

PR - The number of responses is greater than enrollment

RE - Insufficient number of responses for reporting purposes

SH - Special handling, results to be released TBA