Why participate in SCSs?

  • Your opinion matters!
    • Students provide a unique perspective on a course.
  • Your feedback can help instructors identify what they do well and what needs improvement in their teaching.
  • The more students that participate provides a more diverse, complete evaluation of the course.
    • If only a few people submit evaluations, it is like only having a few pieces of a puzzle. The whole picture cannot be seen properly.
  • Your evaluations are anonymous.
    • And, results, including comments, are not released to instructors until after final grades have been posted.
  • You can use SCS reports to help you choose which courses to take.
    • Students are able to view past SCS reports to see what other students thought about the course and the instructor. To view these reports:
    • Visit:
    • Click on the 'ASUA Reports' tab and use the drop down menus to access SCS reports.