Staff & Contact

Every academic unit participating in the TCE has a staff member designated by that unit as its official TCE contact person.

TCE Contacts are administrative support staff within each department who place TCE Service Orders for each course in their academic unit (or program area). Special prior authorization may be required for services to Outreach and Sessions (Winter, Presession and Summer sessions) since there is a cost recovery fee for courses that are not ordinary, state-funded Fall or Spring courses. Please contact the OIA to identify your department TCE contact.

TCE Contacts:

  • check the accuracy of course listings (for TCE purposes) and requests changes be made as necessary in UA central systems.  (NOTE:  Most,but not all TCE Contacts are also Coordinator for RCS course listings in their units.)
  • can view past TCE records for their units
  • assist faculty and departmental admnistrators in requesting TCE services and accessing reports of result

TCE Services Team