The OIA Evaluation Services provides online and paper-based teacher-course evaluation (TCE) questionnaires in a variety of formats and lengths to UA courses throughout the year.  Some important facts about the TCE process include:

  • Every questionnaire shares eleven "core" questions requesting students' overall ratings of the instructor, course, amount learned, course difficulty, readings, class climate.  The standard "TCE Short Form" includes these items plus several additional student-related questions to provide context for interpreting the core items.  The standard TCE also includes two open-ended written comments that are intended for confidential feedback to the teacher and which are not shared with the department unless a disclosure is made to student and faculty regarding other uses of comments. 
  • There is a special "team" teaching version of the short form available for use in courses with multiple primary instructors. This form provides individual instructor ratings by name and individual reports, but is only available for end of term TCEs and is only available online for courses that end early.  Additional items may also be added by faculty or academic units regarding secondary instructors and TAs associated with the course.
  • There are several extended versions of the TCE that feature questions designed to collect more extensive format-specific feedback in lecture, seminar, labs, discussion, and studio format courses.
  • Courses that end early such as dynamically dated courses are currently asked to use online delivery since the OIA cannot guarantee the availability of paper forms or a secure means for their collection outside the end of term window.
  • Departments and faculty have the option of adding at least six questions to every TCE questionnaire. The number of additional questions depends upon the length of the TCE form being used. Please see the section on Custom Questions.
In addition to the default set of common core questions, faculty and academic units can add questions to any standard form for a given course. Academic units can also request a questionnaire version become the standard from for all or some of the courses in that unit. (See Departmental Forms).   All system and academic unit forms include the campus "core" questions.  Faculty who are not required by the home department of a course to use a departmental questionnaire have the option of selecting among any questionnaire suitable to the course.

Form Name (#)

pdf of paper form online version Usage Limits and
Additional Questions Options
Short Form (532, updated replaces 432, Fall 2012)

Front & Back


This is the default questionnaire for courses with a sole "primary" instructor and is the base form upon which most departmental level dedicated versions are built. It includes the campus-wide "core" or 'overall' items and optional student demographics. It can be used in almost any face to face, hybrid, or fully online, solo instructor instructional setting.  Additional questions can be added to the form at the course level by academic units and individual faculty.

NOTE:  Reports of individual results as viewed by the department are still limited to the standard core items.  Faculty will see all item results in their "long" report. 

Team Teaching Short Forms for Courses that Have More than One Primary instructor (Direct Instructional Role with Student Contact Required)
Team Short Form   (635, New Fall 2014) Online Team Form 635   online only

This is a single administration  short form for team-teaching (courses with multiple instructors. Depending whether the department requests data for team members in a given course, this form  can be set up to ask about each primary instructor provided they have at least .25 FTE.  Additional questions can be also added concerning any instructional staff or topic.

Each primary instructor included by the department in questions 24 and 25 as a team member gets an individual report of results (which also shows results for any additional questions) which includes comparison data when available. Only standard university "core" questions are published in the ASUA Report & calculated in comparisons

Duplicate TCEs for team members (all forms*)


This practice is being fully phased out as of Spring 2012 with the exception of those courses which appear to be team taught based on the their listings but involve independed groups of students with separate assigned team members.  The replacement strategy will use 532 the revised short form (or its success when final) as the base form for added department questions and/or individual questions for each primary instructor team questions.  When a team is involved the questionnaire version will be numbered 435 (as in the example above)


Sequential Team Short Form (in development) new form in development online only This OPTION form when complete will gather feedback about instructors teaching chronological segments at intervals at the end of each segment. Instead of asking about the overall course, it will ask about the segment of the course in question.  The final administration will ask the overall course questions with instructions to consider the whole course
Extended Versions (provlde additional, confidential feedback)
Long Form (221) Form online for a sole primary instructor teaching in a lecture, seminar or colloquium format.
Discussion (236) Form online discussion sections
Lab (230) Form online lab sections
Studio (231) Form online studio format courses
On-line Courses (43) n.a. online includes questions about online instruction; questions can be added
Distance Learning Courses (243) n.a. online includes questions about online instruction; questions can be added