The Process

There are three phases to the TCE cycle that occurs each academic term or session. (NOTE: Due to the shorter time frame, intersessions and Summer sessions have shorter phases than the regular term.)    See the TCE calendar for date-specific information and deadlines for each term.

Phase 1: TCE Service Orders and Preparation

  • The OIA TCE Team notifies the designated TCE contact person in each department that their list of courses being offered in the current term or session is ready for review.
  • Each TCE Contact Person reviews their unit's course list for accuracy, resolve course listing problems by correcting course information in UAccess Student, creates additional departmental question templates (if needed), and selects which TCE template should be applied to each course.
  • Faculty are invited to add optional questions through their department TCE contact. The contact will create and apply a template to the requested courses.
  • The OIA closes the TCE Service Order Lists to prepare for administering the TCEs. Faculty teaching courses with TCEs are notified and given instructions by email.

Phase 2: TCE Administration

  • The official TCE Code of Conduct for students and faculty authorized by Academic Affairs is published under TCE Topics.
  • The Administration period always ends the day before Final Exams begin. 
  • Online TCEs being completed during class time must be monitored by a student who is a member of the class and the instructor must be out of the room.
  • The TCE Online system will email students several times during the evaluation period directing them to the TCE Online Suite ( Once a student had logged in they will be directed to their individual course evaluations.
    • Steps to complete a TCE:
      1. Click the Do TCE button.
      2. Scroll down and complete each question.
      3. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
      4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each course.
    • Students may revisit this page and click the Do TCE button throughout the evaluation period. The progress indicator will let you know which surveys are partially complete and which surveys you have not started. During the TCE start and end dates you can edit a saved survey by re-clicking the Do TCE button. However, once the TCE end date has occurred, that survey will be closed and all responses previously entered will be final.
    • No identifying student information is included in the TCE reports. Reports are released after grades have been posted.

Phase 3: TCE Reporting:

  • Reports are available in UAccess Analytics after grades have been posted. It may take up to 5 business days for the TCE reports to be posted.