Participant Guidelines

Academic Unit Participation
  • TCEs are UA's centrally supported service.  No-cost service requires that any questionnaire provided by the OIA must include the 11 campus "core" questions. With that one requirement, the OIA strives to offer the most flexible survey services possible for each course given current resources. Thus, many questionnaires or a single form may be available to faculty each term, depending on their own unit policies. Although the Board of Regents requires student feedback be included in faculty performance appraisal, how departments obtain such feedback is ultimately at the discretion of each unit or college.  Consult the appropriate department or college to find the local policy regarding faculty and courses evaluation policies, TCE participation and/or any departmental alternatives.
  • The service level (college or department-wide or course by course) is determined by each academic unit.  Faculty in non-participating departments may individually request TCE service.  There is no charge to academic units for standard services in Fall and Spring semesters.  
  • TCE Contact Persons:  Participating academic units requesting service (including reports of results) must appoint a staff member familiar with course listings as the official unit TCE Contact in order to review and update any essential course data, assist faculty and academic administrators with TCE-related requests.  (Faculty in units without an official TCE contact may still request service through the OIA.)
Faculty and Student Participation
  • Student participation is voluntary and responses are anonymous. Students complete any or all questions.
  • Faculty participation:  How often and when faculty must participate is determined by their departments or colleges and whether the course is eligible for TCE service.
  • Enrollment limits:  TCEs are offered to all courses, except independent studies. 3 responses are required for reports to be released. There is no maximum class size.
Course participation
  • Course offerings:   To facilitate service, the TCE can be used to collect data concerning the overall course as well as constitution parts such as discussion and lab sections.
  • Team taught courses:  Courses with more than one primary instructor of record are recommended to use the Team questionnaire format.
  • Combined course-sections listings:   Under development. Cross-listed and co-convened sections will be combined for TCE purposes as they appear in UAccess Student and will appear in the TCE listing of the home department. A central tenet of using student ratings of instruction is that a group of students are being asked about an instructional experience they shared in common during the same period of time, under the same instructional circumstances, with the same instructional staff.
  • Course information:  Course information is derived from UAccess Student. Any changes to course information for TCEs must be completed through UAccess Student.
  • Core questions:   All official OIA TCE forms share a common  set of "core" items asking students for their overall evaluations of the instructor, course, and key aspects of the course such as readings, workload, class climate.
  • Demographic questions:  Most questionnaires include a few student demographic questions used by OIA for technical reports and providing faculty with a general view of student response.  However, student demographics are only reported in grouped anonymous summaries to maintain confidentiality.
  • Additional questions:  All questionnaires offer faculty and departments an opportunity to ask a total of 7 additional questions. A collection of questions is available for adoption.

Standard services:  are those that can be offered based on the official schedule of classes and which require little or no special handling.  This is largely, although not exclusively, a function of the nature of the course listing, class start/stop dates, instructional staff roles and student enrollment information.