Instructors can ask their department TCE contact to add questions to the TCE. If you do not know who your department contact is, please contact Becky Pérez (rperez@email.arizona.edu).

Department contacts can add questions by creating a template and applying it to the TCE surveys. Only one template can be added to each TCE survey with a maximum of seven additional questions.  There is no limit on the number of templates that can be created.

The same URL is used for faculty, staff and students: http://tceonline.oia.arizona.edu/.  The system will route visitors to the appropriate tabs. 

All reports are held in the UAccess Analytics database.  

From there you can access: 

  • TCE Report (statistical information)
  • TCE Comment Report (open-ended questions)
  • TCE Comparison Reports (formerly the TCE short report).*

Detailed instructions: [How to Download Comparison Reports Guide]

*Comparison reports are available approximately 3 weeks after the end of the full term, regardless of the course session.

The dates for the TCE evaluation period can be found in the TCE Online Tool Suite in the 'Ready for TCE selection', 'Completed TCE Selection', 'Problems preventing TCE selection', and the 'Currently/Recently in Progress' manager function options.  The dates are listed in the left-most column in each selection. 

Orders must be completed the day before the TCE evaluation period begins. Please keep in mind any changes to instructors, and course information must be completed in UAccess at least 3 business days before the evaluation period begins.

Standard TCE services are available at no cost to departments for any academic course.

Standard services are defined as using one of the ready-made TCE questionnaires in a course with an accurate course listing in UAccess.  

Team teaching TCE surveys have the main course related TCE questions, 2 team teaching structure questions, and at least 4 instructor related questions for each instructor.  Instructor reports will contain all of the course related questions, the team teaching questions and only the specific instructor questions that pertain to them.

When the TCEs were administered using paper evaluation forms, the comments were separated and returned to departments for distribution to instructors. Analytics only holds comment reports for online evaluations.

For Students:

Use the ASUA Reports tab on the TCE Online Suite site (http://tceonline.oia.arizona.edu/). Note: All UA users can view the ASUA Student Report although it is designed for student use.

For Departmental Staff and Department Heads:

Reports are housed in UAccess Analytics (https://analytics.uaccess.arizona.edu) under the TCE-Teacher Course Evaluations Dashboard. Use the Department Head tabs to navigate to the reports.

For Instuctors:

Instructors are able to view their own TCE reports through UAccess Analytics (https://analytics.uaccess.arizona.edu) under the TCE-Teacher Course Evaluation Dashboard.  Use the blue links to navigate to the reports.