Faculty Instructions: Using Points as a TCE Response Incentive

If you use a point-based grading scheme in which it is practical to either include 2 points in the overall grading scheme from the start OR as bonus points (announced in the syllabus or near the end of term),  you will likely increase your overall TCE response rates.  Although some students may not be motivated by this approach, pointing out that there are circumstances where even a point or two can make a difference may motivate a number of students across the spectrum of low to high anticipated course grades. Points have been effective in large undergraduate classes at UA.

The chief challenge is efficiently and securely documenting TCE participation.  


  1. If appropriate for your grading scheme (e.g. point based) here are three ways to assign points for TCE participation:
    • assigned point(s) for participation  (in your syllabus or official grading scheme document indicate participation is an assignment providing points for online TCE participation.  
    • as a group incentive, e.g. if the response rate exceeds 75%, everyone gets a point, if it exceeds 90%, 2 points.
    • NOTE:  which ever point based approach, make it clear that feedback in your course is a two-way process and thus you are making student feedback is an official part of the grading scheme to encourage participation.
  2. Once the TCE evaluation period is over, you can get the list of participants from the Instructor tab on the TCE Online portal: http://tceonline.oia.arizona.edu/. Use the drop-down menu to select ‘View Currently or Recently Open TCEs’. The right most column will have a button for the list of participants where you can download a csv file.