Custom Questions

Despite the initial appearance of complexity having multiple questionnaire formats, the TCE always seeks the minimum number of questions necessary unless additional information is needed by a department, an academic program, or by an instructor.  The TCE Short Form (available in solo instructor or team-teaching formats) is the essential building block on which the many departmental variants and faculty-customized versions are built.  The idea is to get baseline data for every course taking as little instructional time as possible, while encouraging individuals or groups that can truly benefit from asking more detailed questions to create additional items only when the data will actually be used for a defined purpose.

The OIA discourages the use of extra questions when the feedback is not actively used for performance appraisal and/or course development purposes since collecting data merely for the sake of collecting it  represents a waste of student and instructional time.

There are three ways questions may be added to an existing TCE form:

1. Faculty "customization" of an existing form during a current semester

Each term, after each department has submitted its final TCE Service Order, faculty who have been designated to receive TCE forms in their course always have the opportunity to add at least 6 questions to any questionnaire that has been ordered for end of semester TCEs, whether administered online or paper forms. Depending on the length of the selected form, some faculty may ad as many as 24 questions as space allows. (Note:  There are fewer restrictions on question type in online TCE administration).  Only faculty are able to see the results for the questions that are added during the faculty customization period.

The dates during which this feature is open to faculty appears on the TCE Calendar of Events and Deadlines and depending on term (semester or session). The interface can be accessed using the TCETools for Instructors Blue Tab using the "Setup your TCEs for the current term" then "add questions" menu options. 

Faculty can also use the "Set up tab" to see what their department has ordered for them at any time during the semester. (This is recommended to avoid last minute problems that may result in no service or a service charge for revision of paper forms.)

Faculty may select questions from their previously used TCE collection, select questions from the "Legacy TCE Item Bank",  or write new questions.  We will be introducing part of a new collection of optional questions that faculty can 'adopt' as is without editing on a pilot test basis. These questions are grouped by focus or aspect of teaching and cover a wide range of instructional topics. You can download or view the PDF catalog of these items since they must be referenced by their unique "BITNUM", i.e. bank item number.  Click the question mark icon (Help) on the Customization interface page to see a video demonstrating how to use the interface.

2. Departmental "customization" of an existing form during the current semester only  

Each Fall and Spring, once all departments have completed their TCE Service Orders,  TCE contacts at their department's request are able to add questions to questionnaires during a two week window for customization that appears on the TCE Calendar of Events and Deadlines

3.  Development of a new, dedicated TCE forms for academic units or programs

With sufficient advance notice, the OIA will work with an academic department to create special TCE versions that include special questions of interest to the unit for performance appraisal, program or course evaluation, or other academic program level interests.  However, all departmental forms must include the TCE "Core" items. A department may have more than one form under some circumstances, for example the department needs detailed feedback only for certain courses, but has two different types of instuctional formats.

OIA provides technical consultation on form and question construction and analysis.