Code of Conduct

The University of Arizona's Teacher-Course Evaluation (TCE) system aims to provide UA students, faculty and administrators with valid, reliable and useful information about the quality of UA instruction as experienced by students. To achieve this goal, there must be clear standards for the conduct of TCEs.

The ability of the TCE system to ensure student confidentiality and the fair evaluation of teachers and UA courses ultimately depends on the commitment of faculty, students, and administrators to the highest standards of ethical conduct in the both the collection and use of student ratings of instruction

This Code of Conduct formally describes standards necessary for OIA to warrantee the TCE data for use by academic units in official faculty performance appraisal processes such as annual and promotion and tenure reviews, course and program reviews, and faculty development.  Students also rely on the TCE to share their views of their instructional experiences with their peers, faculty, and the UA administration. Academic units rely on the TCE for critical data in program planning and evaluation. 

The following are to be considered serious violations of ethical standards and trust in an academic community and will be treated as such by The University of Arizona:

  • Tampering in any way with the administration of questionnaires, data collection, or reporting of TCE student ratings of instruction  (online or on paper) by students, faculty or staff with the intent to influence, manipulate sampling, or otherwise change student responses.
  • Misrepresentation or misuse of any TCE data (public or confidential) when presented as evidence of teaching effectiveness in faculty performance appraisal such as annual review, promotion or tenure reviews, or any adjunct or teaching assistant evaluation.
  • any deliberate attempt to violate student anonymity in the data collection process

The OIA requests that any student, faculty member, or administrator witnessing possible misconduct or who has a concern that student confidentiality or faculty rights to a fair TCE may have been compromised contact the TCE Team as soon as possible.  Reports of misconduct or inquiries about possible misconduct by faculty, students, and/or staff or academic administrators are treated in confidence and with all due care for the rights of individuals as well as the UA community.