About SCS

The Student Course Survey (SCS) is the University of Arizona's centrally-supported service for collecting end of term feedback from students about UA courses and faculty.  The UA SCS was collaboratively created in 1993 by students, faculty, academic units, and the UA administration in order to provide a cost-effective, flexible, professionally administered service to the UA community.  

As of Fall 2015, the UA moved to a completely online SCS website

Currently, UA SCS online questionnaires are used in more than 90% of UA courses and academic units. The Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA) administers SCS services each academic term and session for academic units. Student evaluations of teaching are required by Board of Regents and UA policy as one source (among several) of evidence of teaching effectiveness in faculty performance appraisal. The SCS system offers this service to help academic units meet this requirement.   

The UA SCS aims to:

  • provide students with a venue to voice their views about UA courses for the benefit of the UA community and as a source of information students can consider when selecting courses.
  • provide faculty and their departments with a consistent source of valid and reliable student feedback  for use in faculty performance appraisal processes such as Annual Review and Promotion and Tenure Reviews.
  • offer UA faculty and teaching assistants optional detailed feedback information for teaching skills and course development
  • offer academic departments and the UA administration ongoing data regarding student satisfaction and the student experience in UA courses for planning and decision support as well as evidence in a variety of accreditation and other accountability processes.

SCS Policies