The rapid switch to remote instruction and continuing uncertainty about the epidemic has dramatically disrupted our teaching landscape for the semester. For this reason, the Student Course Surveys will not be administered at the end of the semester for any University of Arizona course (including iCourses and Arizona Online courses). We urge you to check in frequently with students during the semester to keep communication lines open and get feedback on how they are coping with the great upheavals in their lives

New SCS Items 

Tools for creating mid-semester survey: 

D2L Survey help pages

Qualtrics Survey Tool

(Please note: surveys conducted independently by departments or instructors cannot be entered into the official SCS record. This option requires departments/instructors to create their own survey instrument, store, analyze, and maintain the collected data, and report evaluation results.)



As of Fall 2019, Teacher Course Evaluations (TCEs) have become Student Course Surveys (SCSs). Please bear with us as we transition to reflect the new survey.