To access the Instructor and Department Head TCE reports, these are now part of the UAccess Analytics database.

You will be able to:

  • View the most recent and historical TCE results.

To view your instructor reports:

  • Once you log in to Analytics, use the ‘Dashboards’ drop-down menu along the top (right side) to select ‘TCE-Teacher Course Evaluation’.

  • There are three links for instructors (departments use the corresponding tabs) on the ‘Overview’ tab, click on the report you need:

    • TCE Instructor Report:  full statistic report for multiple response questions and links to the one-page comparison reports.

    • TCE Instructor Print Report: print multiple standard reports at once

    • TCE Instructor Comment Report: open-ended student responses 

  • After selecting a report, the search fields will default to your information for the most recently completed semester. Use the 'Term Description' search box to select all the terms you would like, then click 'Apply' and your reports will load in the bottom box.

For TCE Participation History, visit the TCE Online Tool Suite:

  • Under the Instructor Tab, use the drop-down meny to select ‘Instructor Participation’.
  • Select terms needed, and click 'Accept'.
  • The option to print will appear at the bottom of the report (not available in Firefox; recommend Chrome).




  • TCE Participation History
    This a viewable onscreen or printable list showing all selected courses and for each, whether a TCE was requested, whether it was completed, and response rates. Please contact the OIA for history prior to Spring 2016.
    Viewable to: The instructor and departmental staff can see this list.
  • Instructor's Short (Comparison) Report
    This report is designed for use in performance appraisal such as merit, promotion, or tenure reviews.  It  shows the results at the course level for the “core” TCE questions (only) as well as a comparison with Core results from similar courses based on subject, size, and level. See instructions above for accessing these reports.
    Viewable to: Faculty, Department Managers, Department TCE Contacts*
  • P&T Report Set
    Together, the Participation Report and the Comparison Report can provide analysis suitable for use in promotion and tenure reviews
    Viewable to: Faculty, Department Managers, Department TCE Contacts*
  • Multi-Item Core Questions Graph (ended Fall 2015)
    The TCE "Graph Report" is generally a reporting format showing how results in a course compare with those in the most similar courses in the database.  The graphic uses confidence intervals to show how the indvidual section means and their aggregated grand mean in a sample of courses compare with the grand mean of results from all comparable courses based on subject, size, and level.  The Multi-Item Graph displays results for the top 5 core questions for every available comparison for a particular type of course based on subject, size and level.
    Viewable to: Faculty, Department Managers, Department TCE Contacts*
  • Instructor's Long Report
    This report is most helpful as feedback for course or teaching skills development. It shows frequencies and means for every question  including any departmental questions and/or instructor-added questions.This report shows student written comments for online TCE's. Paper TCE comments are provided to the instructor through their department. Please see directions above to access these reports.
    Viewable to: Although the department sees a similarly formatted report for core items and its own questions, only the instructor sees this report which includes the instructor’s own questions.  Instructor-added questions are always confidential unless the instructor chooses to share them.
  • ASUA Student Report
    This is a report designed for student information.  It shows percent response and participation rates for each of the core (required) TCE questions. 
    Viewable to: Anyone with a UA NetID **

* Faculty can always see their own core question or departmentally-added question results in the formats that can be seen by their academic unit (department head or delegate). 

Department administrators can see these report formats for any instructor and course in that department. For convenience, some versions may show all results within that unit in the same report.

Depending on department policy, faculty may be required to  print and submit these reports to their departments.  However, their authorized department administrators (or their delegates)  can access them directly. OIA recommends that faculty consult their department for details on who is authorized to see these reports for all faculty.

(Department TCE contacts are currently authorized to assist their departmental academic administrators in accessing this report.  The new system will allow designated administrators direct access. )

** NOTE: This report format is NOT appropriate for use in faculty performance appraisal such as P&T or annual review.